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Thursday, September 4th, 2008
1:20 pm - 2008_elections community needs your input


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Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
11:02 am - Watch Watch Howard Dean address citizen participation and the netroots community

What does the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Howard Dean think of citizen participation and how the netroots community is influencing political interaction? Find out by watching footage of the YearlyKos Convention 2006 Keynote Speech by Howard Dean available on the Link TV and ForaTV websites.

“When I was running for Chairman last year, I said that we would take our country back, state-by-state, precinct-by-precinct, block-by-block. I also said that we would build up our party’s strength, from the grassroots up, through the Internet and person-to-person outreach. The netroots have been an important part of this process.” - Governor Howard Dean

Visit http://www.linktv.org/yearlykos/ and http://www.fora.tv/ for footage.

About Link TV
Link TV is a non-commercial, independent satellite television network available in more than 27 million U.S. homes on DIRECTV channel 375 and DISH Network channel 9410. The 24-hour programming is a mix of documentaries, international news, foreign films and the best of World Music. The network recently received the first satellite-only Peabody Award for MOSAIC: World News from the Middle East, a daily news show featuring English translations of national television reports from more than 24 countries in the Middle East. Select Link TV programs are streamed on the Internet at www.linktv.org. Link TV is operated by Link Media, Inc., a California non-profit organization, with production studios in San Francisco, New York and Washington, DC.

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Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
11:34 pm - So, it's been about a year.

How well is our Republican majority is doing? Are you all looking forward to the next three years?

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Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
1:12 am - Operation Backing the Troops

Operation Backing the Troops

If you are interested in Supporting our Troops, we are having a counter protest against the "delco wage peace justice" loonies. They are a hard left group with ties to socialists and communists. They want peace, but peace comes at a cost. Freedom isn't free. They will be wearing numbers representing each "innocent" iraqi that was "murdered" by the United States military. That isn't supporting our troops now is it? I want to get a group together to show these scumbags that America doesn't support them.

Why: Because our Troops need support against these bastards putting them down.
When:May 15th from 1pm-5pm
Where: Independance Hall, Philadelphia.

P.S. These Counter Protests never get violent.

If you are interested, contact me ASAP.
AOL: Manfra84
Yahoo: PeterManfra

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
7:26 am - jesus the humanity!!


Hey Pete Manfra here again.  Thought i would share a couple more things with my fellow conservatives and anyone else who's just curious.  First you need to check out this video of probably the DUMBEST human alive. 

Caution: 1. If a person who has pubic like hair on face grosses you out don't view the video. 2. If you have anger or heart problems and get pissed off really easily you also should not watch this video.  3. If you're a communist,  i hope your not like this one.



Okay if you watched that video at this time i know your probably loading your gun to go find some commies,  but WAIT!  before you go,  check out this interesting picture lol.

haha what a shit head. 

P.S. He was NOT a Protest Warrior.

-Pete Manfra

Philadelphia Chapter Leader of


current mood: creative

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Saturday, February 19th, 2005
4:20 pm - florida programmers
pseudoascetic guy who claims to have uncovered computer voting fraud "going all the way to the top" turns up dead. interesting.
read more here: http://www.newtimesbpb.com/issues/2005-02-10/news/news.html

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Friday, January 28th, 2005
3:57 pm - If you could do it all over again...


take my poll at:
Bush vs. Kerry:

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Thursday, January 20th, 2005
4:38 pm - In Terms of Election Conspiracy Theories...

...another one bites the dust:

The new system was constructed after a precursor, the Voter News Service, contributed to the networks' calling of Florida in the 2000 election first for Al Gore, then for George W. Bush, then for neither.

While the new system avoided those pitfalls, the researchers found that their projections overstated the votes won by Mr. Kerry in 26 states, while overstating the votes won by Mr. Bush in four.

The system was not without its technical glitches on Election Day. For example, the research firms found that at least in the early afternoon, the system "overstated the proportion of women in the electorate," a problem apparently caused by a programming error.

In positing why the overstatements of Mr. Kerry's performance were so pronounced, the researchers said they were convinced that the technical foundation on which their work was based was sound.

Instead, the report concluded that at least some of the breakdown was rooted in the "interactions" between some pollsters and some voters. In general, the surveys appeared to overrepresent younger voters, who tended to vote for Mr. Kerry, and to underrepresent older voters, who tended to vote for Mr. Bush.

As you were.

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Monday, January 17th, 2005
6:30 pm - Regional Conference Focusing on Employment and Environment

Not sure if this community is as active as it used to be...but I'm posting this anyways.

I'm the co-chair of the Young Democrats of America 2005 Great Lakes Regional Conference. This conference will focus on issues in employment and the environment for the Great Lakes Region. Click here if you are interested in attending (even if you are not from the Great Lakes Region!)Collapse )

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Thursday, December 30th, 2004
12:30 pm - Washington state revote?
pseudoascetic republican dino rossi is calling for a revote after losing the second recount in the Washington gubernatorial race by 100+ votes, saying, "The uncertainty surrounding this election process isn't just bad for you and me, it's bad for the entire state. People need to know for sure that the next governor actually won the election."
It would be great if all republicans has this attitude, not just about the state of Washington, but the entire nation. I think it's just as important to know that the next president actually won the election. I think Gregoire should respond by consenting to a revote for governor in Washington on the condition that there is also a revote for president, especially since the presidential race was not only close, but there were many "irregularities".

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Saturday, December 25th, 2004
8:02 pm - electronic voting
pseudoascetic does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent unverified electronic voting machines from ever being used again?

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Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
4:35 pm - African American Voter Suppression in Ohio

http://www.primisware.com/ohio/video1.mpg OR http://460design.net/ohio/video1.wmv
http://www.primisware.com/ohio/video2.mpg OR http://460design.net/ohio/video2.wmv

25-minute video was made available to the press and public today that exposes the widespread civil rights abuses and voter disenfranchisement suffered by the African American community in Ohio on Election Day. The footage was released by "We Do Not Concede" (www.donotconcede.com), a nonprofit grassroots organization created to unite and mobilize citizens whose voting right were suppressed, denied, or simply not counted.

"We hope this footage will serve as a wake up call to all Americans that the fundamental principles our country was founded upon like ‘democracy’ and ‘equal rights’ are being systematically dismantled by a small group of Republicans who are concerned with keeping power, not preserving liberty," said Zack Kaldveer, Communications Director, We Do Not Concede. "In America every vote must be accurately counted and equally valued, and that’s not what happened on November 2nd. We the people most definitely do not concede."

The video provides a first hand glimpse of an emerging civil rights scandal of historic proportions that will culminate in a "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" bus trip organized by We Do Not Concede, consisting of voters who are contesting the Ohio electorate, led by Rev. Bill Moss of Columbus Ohio. The buses will travel from Columbus to Washington DC on January 4th through the 6th. Rev. Jesse Jackson has pronounced Ohio's vote fraud fiasco "the biggest deal since Selma" and has called for a national rally at "the scene of the crime" in Columbus January 3rd.

"For the second Presidential election in a row African-American voters have been subjugated to the role of second class citizens through efforts by Republicans to suppress, intimidate, and disenfranchise our vote," said Rev. Bill Moss, original Contestant of Ohio Electors and founder of the Center for Freedom and Justice. "Whether its Katherine Harris or Kenneth Blackwell, the purpose is the same: do everything in their power to ensure George W. Bush becomes President. If they are willing and able to thwart democracy and abuse the civil rights of American voters right in the face of the press and public, what else are they capable of? I am contesting this election because tyranny, particularly in the guise of democracy, is our civic duty to fight."

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In Tuesday's Washington Post, Terry Neal examines America's true media elite – "corporate leaders at companies as diverse as News Corp., Marriott International and Time Warner [who] profit by selling red state consumers the very material that red state culture is supposed to despise," then funnel the proceeds to conservative causes. "The people who run the Republican Party are elites just like any other elite, and they don't share the same cultural concerns as the center of the country," admits conservative CNN host Tucker Carlson. "[T]hey don't have anything in common…with evangelicals who make up the bulk of their party." In the most recent issue of Cigar Aficionado, for example, Rush Limbaugh takes a pause from smearing "liberal elitists" to describe his love for the fruits of Cuba, gushing over his trip to a high-end tobacco salon in London where he smoked Cuban cigars and waxed about their similarity to Bordeaux grapes.

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Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
11:46 am - Not trying to accuse anyone of anything but....

Let me ask you guys this question:

What are the odds of FOUR investigative journalists committing suicide?

Danny Casolaro - The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro
Mark Lombardi - George W. Bush, Harken Energy and Jackson Stephens
James Hatfield - Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President
Gary Webb - Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion

Interesting addition - Gary Webb apparently died of multiple self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

Shall we add this to the Bush body count?

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Monday, December 13th, 2004
12:31 pm


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8:27 am - The good old red and blue color clash by Dave Barry

I thought that, in today's column, I would heal the nation. The nation suffered a wound during the recent presidential election as a result of the rift between the red states -- defined as "states where 'foreign cuisine' pretty much means Pizza Hut" -- and the blue states, defined as "states that believe they are smarter than the red states, despite the fact that it takes the average blue-state resident 15 minutes to order a single cup of coffee."

Some blue-state residents are so upset about the election that they're talking about moving to Canada, which is technically a foreign nation. In my view, this would be a mistake: Canada is not the paradise it is often made out to be.

Fact: Every year, 43 percent of all Canadians -- a total of eight Canadians -- are eaten by polar bears.

Besides, running away is never the answer, unless you are a teenage boy who has just blown up a mailbox. As Americans, we need to stay here in America and work things out, because regardless of what color or hue of state we live in, we are all, deep down inside our undershorts, Americans.

And as Americans, we must ask ourselves: Are we really so different?...
Read more...Collapse )

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Wednesday, December 8th, 2004

 Compromises and tweaks made at the last minute to ensure conservative support for the new intel bill "have left many government officials and espionage experts skeptical that key reforms will amount to more than an administrative reshuffling – or will make the nation any safer." Slate notes the legislation "falls far short of the measures urged by the 9/11 Commission," with House changes to the bill vastly limiting the authority of the new national intelligence director. Curbs to the director's power, urged by House Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan Hunter (R-CA), include "strict limits" on budget authority and an inability to fire the heads of intelligence agencies. Other areas of the bill also limit the effect of changes; the Wall Street Journal reports the new National Counterterrorism Center will have "strict limits" on how far it can go "in planning actual antiterrorism operations."

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10:58 am


"Why do we soldiers have to dig through local landfills for pieces of scrap metal and compromised ballistic glass to uparmor our vehicles?" Wilson asked. A big cheer arose from the approximately 2,300 soldiers in the cavernous hangar who assembled to see and hear the secretary of defense.

Rumsfeld hesitated and asked Wilson to repeat his question.

"We do not have proper armored vehicles to carry with us north," Wilson said after asking again.

Rumsfeld replied that, "You go to war with the Army you have," not the one you might want, and that any rate the Army was pushing manufacturers of vehicle armor to produce it as fast as humanly possible.

And, the defense chief added, armor is not always a savior in the kind of combat U.S. troops face in Iraq, where the insurgents' weapon of choice is the roadside bomb, or improvised explosive device.

sounds more and more like McNamara, yet the neocons still love him.

what petty hypocrisy.

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10:33 am - Listen Now

For those of you who do not get cable (me) listen to the supreme court hearing on voter irregularity in Ohio at http://www.pacifica.org/. If you do get cable, it is on CSPAN. I don't think it matters what party you belong to, this is a big deal. As a democrat, you have to feel violated for the second consecutive time. For republicans, you have to question your parties tactics. Is this the way you want people to view you? We already know how the decision is going to go, but it is important to hear this directly because the media insist on referring to these problems as "minor glitches" when in fact there was one county in Ohio in which 3500 votes were cast for Bush when only 600 people were registered, when the media was denied access to witness the counting in Warren County. Once our country accepts tactics like this, our last piece of democratic participation will be stolen from us as well.

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Monday, December 6th, 2004
12:50 pm

Complete and utter disregard for the environment.

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