maxpower0204 (maxpower0204) wrote in 2004_elections,

Listen Now

For those of you who do not get cable (me) listen to the supreme court hearing on voter irregularity in Ohio at If you do get cable, it is on CSPAN. I don't think it matters what party you belong to, this is a big deal. As a democrat, you have to feel violated for the second consecutive time. For republicans, you have to question your parties tactics. Is this the way you want people to view you? We already know how the decision is going to go, but it is important to hear this directly because the media insist on referring to these problems as "minor glitches" when in fact there was one county in Ohio in which 3500 votes were cast for Bush when only 600 people were registered, when the media was denied access to witness the counting in Warren County. Once our country accepts tactics like this, our last piece of democratic participation will be stolen from us as well.
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