Java Drinker (java_drinker) wrote in 2004_elections,
Java Drinker


In Tuesday's Washington Post, Terry Neal examines America's true media elite – "corporate leaders at companies as diverse as News Corp., Marriott International and Time Warner [who] profit by selling red state consumers the very material that red state culture is supposed to despise," then funnel the proceeds to conservative causes. "The people who run the Republican Party are elites just like any other elite, and they don't share the same cultural concerns as the center of the country," admits conservative CNN host Tucker Carlson. "[T]hey don't have anything in common…with evangelicals who make up the bulk of their party." In the most recent issue of Cigar Aficionado, for example, Rush Limbaugh takes a pause from smearing "liberal elitists" to describe his love for the fruits of Cuba, gushing over his trip to a high-end tobacco salon in London where he smoked Cuban cigars and waxed about their similarity to Bordeaux grapes.

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