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jesus the humanity!!

Hey Pete Manfra here again.  Thought i would share a couple more things with my fellow conservatives and anyone else who's just curious.  First you need to check out this video of probably the DUMBEST human alive. 

Caution: 1. If a person who has pubic like hair on face grosses you out don't view the video. 2. If you have anger or heart problems and get pissed off really easily you also should not watch this video.  3. If you're a communist,  i hope your not like this one.


Okay if you watched that video at this time i know your probably loading your gun to go find some commies,  but WAIT!  before you go,  check out this interesting picture lol.

haha what a shit head. 

P.S. He was NOT a Protest Warrior.

-Pete Manfra

Philadelphia Chapter Leader of

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